PA Pinions was founded in 1963 to make watch parts for the repair of mechanical watches. It began as a small turning shop with Cam type Swiss Sliding Headstock machines. Gradually gear hobbing and press operations were started and by 1975 the company was supplying a full array of watch repair parts like Assembled Wheels, Winding Stems, Clicks and more.

As the demand for watch repair parts went down, PA Pinions modified its equipment and began developing micro engineering components for OEM’s seeking high precision parts at an attractive price. PA Pinions made an easy transition to what otherwise seemed like a very different field thanks to the measures it took to survive in the watch market- rigorous quality checks, strict process control, a strong R&D department, full traceability and a religious devotion to kaizen.

Over the years, PA Pinions has invested in several CNC machines and equipment for secondary operations and comprehensive product inspection thereby enabling it to perform most, if not all, stages of product manufacturing and design in-house. It is this combination of multiple technologies and our passionate cross-functional team that allows us to guarantee results time after time at an attractive cost.